Tut Posting 4: Space


I agree what Moore quoted Meyrowitz:’ Place is being plutalized by electronic media use’.

Firstly I would like to talk about video game.

The online game ‘second life’ which the setting is based on ‘real life’, players seems ‘live’ in the parallel of the real world. However, video games, like Nintendo’s Mario, a Role-play game (RPG), let the player control the avatar to have an adventures in an imaginary place. Besides, the Wii Sport promoting doing sport at home. Which make the mundane exercise interesting. The combination of real exercise and virtual in the screen give players huge satisfaction.

Secondly, I would like to talk about ‘doubling of place’.

‘Doubling of place’ can often found on public transport. On Sydney trains, buses, passengers usually reading books, magazines, play games on mobile. Every passenger has his only place in the train. Each on is not overlapping the other one. Unless, say, someone speak loudly on phone, which is a ‘ritual’ when people traveling in  my homeland, Hong Kong. Especially you are taking train towards mainland China. Their conversation is being heard, my tranquilness is being interrupted.  This is a lose-lose situation. Solutions? In Japan, Tokyo, talking mobile phone is prohibited, in order to lower the disturbance of privacy.

Technology make the building of place easily. Like wearing a headphone can enjoy a piece of music on your own everywhere. We should treasure the power to build our own place.


One Response to “Tut Posting 4: Space”

  1. Scott Says:

    THis is good HL. Keep stating the core argument like this, The Wii Fit is a good example of how virtual space is always situated in real locations involving real bodies. Good examples.

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