Week 5: Media research, ‘Media & Everyday Life’


Week 5 ‘s readings are Qualitative Communication Research, by Lindlof and Taylor; and Using Diary in Social Research, by Corti. (available @ http://sru.soc.surrey.ac.uk/sru2.html)

First, I would take about the Qualitative Communication Research. It mentions qualitative research is inductive. This means planning to discover the issue. Moreover, Lindlof and Taylor explain qualitative researchers need to be discipline and inquisitive. Being discipline means the researcher know ‘do the right things at the right time’. Being inquisitive refers to the ability to explore the relevant and unique data to interpret

Finally, the reading stresses the importance of the research proposal. The proposal acts as a guideline which can be following and serves as a platform to review.

The second reading is about using diary to record data. The author argues that the advantage of using diary to collect data, instead of interview, is that diary can be write down anywhere, anytime, to prevent ‘events that are easily forgotten’.

I have been writing diary for eight years. And I notice that free format diary is really hard to follow. But a too formatted diary will leading data lost since not all criteria cannot be predicted. Therefore, put the main research criteria in the diary and let the research participant to record. Although the participant may be reluctant to write the truth, after conquer the ‘first day effect’, and the detail explanation by the researcher, the diary can be fill in and collect data to be interpret.


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