Week 5: Lindlof, T. & Taylor, B. “Design I: Planning”


This article explores the key issues with qualitative research, from an anthropological perspective using ethnography as the prime example. The main argument here is that qualitative research requires a broader scope of planning to create contingencies for issues you are not aware of yet. This is why the article outlines many different methodologies, has a list of relevant journals etc. This argument stems from the premise that qualitative research is an evolving framework of questions and tools.

The End.


EDIT: I changed my mind, I no longer think that “qualitative research is an evolving framework of questions and tools” is the premise but rather, part of the conclusion. I think that the authors are trying to prove that this is the case but highlighting the differences between qualitative and quantitative analysis from and ethnographers perspective. I think ultimately the moral of this story is about the importance of good planning, by developing a sound framework from which to conduct a study, it is possible that it will be able to withstand the nature for change  that the authors attribute to qualitative research. Even if your framework does change as long as the research remains in the field, site, and scene (as defined by the authors) ultimately you should be able to answer the question(s) you intend to.

The Edited End



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