Week 7: Convergence



Jenkins, Henry. “Buying into American Idol: How We are being Sold on Reality Television”. In Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide. New York, NYU Press, 2006, 59-92.

This week’s reading focus that on media convergence, particularly that of American Idol. It says argues that media has more power when it spans across many mediums. American Idol utilises, television, advertising through the coca-cola brand, use of home phones to vote and well as texting, music singles and albums, concerts and even movies. This article also discusses how we choose what we want to watch these days, with the power of the remote advertising has to be particularly effective, interesting and persuasive to work (Jenkins 2006.p, 64). Questions it raises for me are: Is this that way media will be used in the future? Is single use Media on the way out?


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