Tut Post 8 Network


Network is use to connect individuals.

Now, we can connect to other person via phone, internet or mail. These are decentralize medium, which means the message is not dispatch from a single source, but generate and transmit freely through different individuals, call ‘node’ in a network.

Internet and mobile technology raised from the past 20 years. Before that, message are dispatch centralize. Like the pager. You need to call the panel and say the message and the panel will transfer it to the person. Message must work through the third party, and that process limited the content of message (From verbal to text). Although voice transmits through phone also process by third party, there is a reproduction of the medium (from sound, to electronic signal, and then sound). The recipient receive the message as it dispatch.

Another centralize example is World Expo. The first World Expo is held in UK in 1851, at the peak if industrial revolution. The reason to organize this expo is to let all factory owner, or machine maker, have a glance and choose the new invention and affordable products, in order to mass production in the minimum cost. At that year, lack of interpersonal communication network, the only way to gather buyers is by such expo. But now, every company can advertise on internet, by google adword, and attrack buyers online, all over the world, without the physical appear in the shop.

Some word for the lecture: Although the train network is not covering to UNSW, the bus network is. We move from one network to another in order to go to out place.


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