Week 9: Media Audiences


This Image is a media audience from the 1950’s watching a 3D film.

This image is from (http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/movies/2009/03/28/2009-03-28_3d_flicks_take_off_on_movie_screens_mons.html)

Couldry, Nick,. “The Extended Audience: Scanning the Horizon.” In Gillespie, Marie, Ed. Media Audiences. Berkshire: Open University Press, 2005, Pgs 185-209.

We all have been a part of an audience at one time or another, whether it is a play, concert, sporting event or even at home watching television.  This weeks readings show us that there are different types of audiences including

1. The ‘simple audience’ (e.g. for books and theatre) (Couldy 2005, p. 186)

2. The ‘mass audience’ (e.g. newspapers and television) (Couldy 2005, p. 186)

3. The ‘diffused audience’ (e.g. new audience as media has now become diffused) (Couldy 2005, p. 186)

I thought this reading was very informative and it made me consider how I can use this information in my research paper. Which audiences or ‘fan communities’ (Shaner, Week 9 Lecture slide 18, 2010) do they belong too? This is a point for further investigation.



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