Week 11- Research Interviewing in Everyday Life 2


Weerakody, N. “Research Interviewing” In Research Methods for Media and Communication. London, Oxford, 2009, 166-185.

This article focused on the research method of the interview, something we as students of the ARTS1090 course have become familiar with in our research proposal and research assignment.

The different types of interviews are explored in this reading including “structured, semi-structured and unstructured” (Weerakody 2009, p. 166) it examines which situations to use which style in, which was very helpful in guiding me for my assignment. This article is great as it gives examples of each style to make it easier for the reader to understand exactly which each type entails.

This reading discusses how conduct a research interview in great detail – an excellent guide for anyone wanting to know more about how to conduct an interview. Some of the steps discussed in detail are “preparation, equipment needs, location of interview, conducting the interview, duration” (Weerakody 2009, p. 171) as well as what to do “after the interview” (Weerakody 2009, p. 171).

This reading is to me an extensive guide to how to conduct an interview as well as a helpful tool to use as a guide when researching for our own assignments. This article reminds me that qualitative research is very valuable and needs as much thought used as quantitative research. I would like to read the other chapters on quantitative research by Weerakody as I feel this article was very helpful in understanding the research concept.  This reading raises the question to me, what other aspects could make my research technique more effective?


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