Week 12- Identity


During, S (2005) “Debating Identity”, Cultural Studies: A Critical Introduction, Routledge: London, pp 145-152.

In this weeks reading it focused on identity, this reading makes the point that many aspects come together to create a person’s identity. During also suggests that we do not have one identity (During 2005, p. 146) but plural “identities” and that a certain identity may have more importance depending on the social setting one is in (During  2005, p.146).

During also makes the point that “individuals have little power” (During 2005, p. 145) over which features define their identity, rather identity is often created from “the outside” (During 2006, p. 145). This reading also discusses the topic of “identity politics (During 2005, p. 147) which reminds us that the way we identify not only ourselves but the way we look at and identify others has consequences.

This reading makes me think more in depth about the identities we all have, what traits contribute to it? and what identities society puts on us all.  Another good point made by this reading is that identities are extremely important as they give us a sense of “belonging” to different communities (During 2005, p.152) and argues that society can simply not exist without certain identities such as “names, family or nation” (During 2005, p. 155). This reading made helped me to understand that identities are a big part of our culture as humans and will continue to be for a long time.


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