Week 9 – Media Audiences


Reading: Couldry, Nick ‘The extended audience’.

According to Couldry, there are three types of audience.

Simple audience, refer to book readers and drama viewers.

Mass audience, refer to readers to mass media, like newspaper, radio, and television.

Diffused audience, refers to audience connect to more then one media form.

At the time of simple audience, say the beginning of 20 centry to 1950, cross platform media is not usual.  At that time, magazine is the popular media. At the Second World War, LIFE magazine act as the ‘messager’ to bring readers to the war zone via the photos. Although readers read the photos days or weeks after the event had took place, most of them still enjoy. Because magazine is the only reliable source of information.

At the era of simple audience, there are a clear boundary between producer and consumer. Due to the fact that the majority could not afford photographic equipment.  Germany made Leica or Zeiss are very popular that at time, and it cost more then a month salary of a worker. More over, the film process required trained technique.   These hinder the participation of amateurs.

As time pass to 70’s, the LIFE magazine closed. No one would like latest news weeks ago. TV and radio broadcast replace magazine to show the audience first hand news. Life video broadcast available as the digital recorder was made, which was use at the Apollo Luna Mission. After that, video no longer required the chemical develop process  and can transmit directly for edit or broadcast.

Mass audience adopt the use of mass media. But each media seems do not coordinate cross platform. More importantly, boundary between producer and consumer is still clear.

The most influence event in the past decade is the attack on World Trade Centre at New York, USA, on 11th September, 2001.

This can be regard as the last live broadcast via mass media, the CNN. Later on, the latest news of South Asia Tsunami and the Death of Michael Jackson are captured and post on web. From web and report by the mass media.

Diffused audience appear after year 2000. They can participate the news making. Boundary between producer and consumer  become vague. Due to the affordable camrecorder and the spread of internet.

Internet provide the platform which can access anywhere (a good network). Like the Queen has her only channel on YouTube.

The traditional print media, like Wall Street Journal, has the online version, provide free access.

LIFE magazine, which fade away, alive on Google Book.


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