Week 11: Qualitative Research


The approach to conduct a qualitative research is different from a quantitative research.

As a former science student, I familiar with writing  quantitative research report.

In a quantitative research, first a hypothesis is generated. Then procedure is made to find out the hypothesis is true or not.

However, in qualitative research, strong and persuasive argument must be given, with supported by concepts, to draw the conclusion.

Recording the diary as well as carrying an interview, are the key to understand  the findings.

Open structure questions are preferred to let the interviewee express as much as possible.

Besides interviewing my participant, I observed her media usage. So I can clarify why she did such action.

Carrying this research not only improve my English skill, but also make me feel I am really an Uni student, which I did something to reflect and perfection, not simply for examinations.


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